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What Our Customers Are Saying

Wonderful Job

 Just wanted to tell you what a wonderful job your crew did for us this morning!  Elly Hall scheduled your team to pack and  move our living room and dining room furniture into our garage while we had some ice storm damage repairs completed. Your team including Elly showed up on time! Elly insured all was set then they got to work. The team leader (Trisha) was outstanding! She knew exactly what needed to be done and got her team to work.  The whole team worked well together and worked with a positive attitude! So, our Thanks to Trisha, Jennifer, Kia, Manuel, and Cynthia (believe I may have missed a name) for a job well done!
Charles and Susan Jamison

Friendly and Informative

The guys were very friendly and informative. They let us know exactly what they were doing and what they had done. Excellent customer service. – Katie Richins

Take a Moment

Customer Name: William and Karen N
“I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the excellent service provided by AAA Service Company. Recently, my home was damaged by an extensive water leak from a broken pipe. My wife and I were away on an extended vacation at the time of the leak, and when we returned, you can imagine the damage inflicted on our flooring. We worked with GFK Construction in conjunction with USAA Insurance in order to effect the repairs. GFK contacted Ms. Elly Hall of AAA Service Company, LLC (1299 Farmville Road, Memphis, TN) and she sprang into action. “Ms. Elly” and her professional crews were instrumental in the clean-up and move out/move in of our household furniture/items. I can’t say enough about their professionalism, kindness, and caring that was demonstrated throughout this process. In short, they were the “Best!” I will be sure to recommend them to my family and friends as well. Please keep up the excellent services!”

To Whom It May Concern

Customer Name: John Doyle
“I am writing this letter to comment on one of your employees, Elly Hall. We suffered water damage a few weeks back from a burst pipe and they sent Serve-Pro out for the restoration. Serve-Pro did not mask the doors or anything else, so needless to say our house was filled with dust. My contractor suggested we use AAA for post clean up. Long story short, my insurance said they would not pay because this was Serve-Pro’s fault. Serve-Pro refused to pay. Elly tried her best to convince my insurance that this needed to be in the claim. She has gone above the call of duty to make sure my house was taken care of. Elly has shown me compassion that no one else did during this ordeal. I definitely will be recommending AAA because of her service. Thank you.”

The Easley Contractors, Inc.

Customer Name: Art Tatum
“This is my estimate with the walls in question removed….Companies like AAA save you guys a lot of money by just doing what is necessary to get these houses dried out. They just don’t automatically cut the drywall out 1-2 feet up the walls like others do on a regular basis when it is not necessary costing State Farm and other insurance companies more money, I know this happens every day I see it with my own eyes. These guys went out after hours and did a great but not perfect job now you want to penalize and back charge them for painting the walls which if one of the “contract” providers had gone out you would be painting them plus replacing sheetrock in all of those areas. I will take care of those rooms for Mr. Walker…Please pay AAA in full.”

Customer Services Training

Customer Name: Joe Polk
“The information appears to be complete and does provide the backup data I might need in case of FEMA claim or for future proof that the house was quickly dried and that fungicide was applied as well. I appreciate the service and professionalism of all your people, from Michael Harrison on through all the technicians that performed the calculations and testing and the workers that handled the air handler and dehumidifier placement and servicing. It has been clear to me that AAA Service Co. spends a good deal of time on customer service training. Your people appear to genuinely care about the stress and hardship we, the customers, are going through, and do what they can to ease a most difficult situation. I am sure you understand when I say that I hope never again to need your services in similar circumstances.  But, if I do, I will count on the same level of rapid and competent help (especially since I am now an established customer).”

Took the Headache Out of the Process

Took the headache out of the process for me! Quick, courteous, and efficient! Thank you AAA!! –Alissa Gillespie

It was quick and things were handled well-David Schaeffer

Excellent service! Everyone did an awesome job! Would definitely recommend your business!! –Wesley Stewart

Very Professional and Polite

We had water damage inside our house and garage - all the crews have been so very professional and polite - they take care of everything for us. They work extremely fast and do all they can to make the experience as easy for the customer as possible. We really hope we get the same crew back next week they are all amazing,. Thank you again AAA –Sandra Hagstrom

Customers We Serve

  • Allstate Insurance
  • American National
  • Chubb insurance
  • Danvers Restaurants
  • Easley Contractors
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  • Farm Bureau
  • Farmers Insurance
  • Floor Specialties
  • FPG, LLC (Federal Express)
  • G & W Construction
  • Memphis Redbirds
  • Met Life Insurance
  • Nationwide Insurance
  • NPC (Pizza Hut)
  • Northwest Airlines
  • Roy Crossman Construction
  • State Farm Insurance
  • Travelers Insurance
  • University of Memphis
  • Valenti Management (Wendy’s Restaurants)

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