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Talk Shoppe

We have some exciting news! A couple of our employees were asked to be on a panel with Johnny Norris, (All Clear Plumbing) , and Allstate agent Lynn McDonald, discussing “How to Navigate Water Damage Emergencies in Your Home”, and these guys nailed it.

During the discussion, Josh Kennedy (left) and Michael Harrison (speaking) were asked to talk about some of our major concerns when it comes to homeowners navigating through water damage in their homes, including using the correct drying techniques and insurance claim coverage. AAA Service Company has trained our technicians to execute a flawless procedure when it comes to properly restoring a home after major water damage.

It was great to be able to hear from Lynn what rules of thumb to follow when determining if an insurance company will cover your claim or not when it comes to water damage. And she reassured us that this was not only at Allstate or in Memphis, but that it was a universal rule throughout insurance companies all over.

Check out our videos and photos from the seminar!