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Preparing for the Thaw

It seems like sometimes the weather is playing tricks on us – thawing out in the middle of winter is a strange feeling, but can cause harmful side effects when it comes to ice melting and leaving water damage behind. To help avoid the harshness of these effects, here are some tips –

Clear a path for the water. You should know the shape of your property and understand where the rain goes when its flowing away from your house. Treat this the same way – make sure gutters and drains are free of any obstructions and if your property gets bad enough, keep a sump pump (in good condition) around to help any kind of sewer backups. Preventing ice dams can be helpful too – but this is best left to a professional inspection to determine what steps you should take to make things easier for your home. Even though Memphis doesn’t see much snow, it’s helpful to keep it off your roof regardless. Safely remove any excess with a rake or broom.

If you’ve experienced water damage due to winter weather, contact AAA Service Company in Memphis! We offer 24/7 water damage restoration services. Quick response to water damage is what often determines a less lengthy job timeline for any restoration services – call as soon as you see any signs!