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Washing Machine Madness

You’d never think your harmless washing machine could do much damage, but here at AAA we’ve come to find out that that’s simply not true.

Check out the safety manual – see exactly how to use it and avoid any button-pressing guessing games! Here, you’ll also be instructed not to overload. It may seem tempting to shove a huge load of laundry right in to get it out of your way, but take your time and keep your machine running at peak conditions.

Inspecting your hoses is important, too. We suggest a regular or at least seasonal routine of looking at each of the hoses to inspect for breaks/kinks/tears – anything that looks like it could result in a leak. You should replace them every 3-5 years, but that doesn’t mean they won’t give you trouble before that. *Replace rubber hoses with steel braided hoses for longer lasting, stronger solutions.

If your hose happens to break, or a seal comes loose on that stubborn front loader, you’ll be left with quite a mess! Luckily, AAA Service Company is available 24/7 for the cleanup and restoration process. We’ve got a professional team of individuals who are certified to do the job! We’ve got plenty of storage space in our warehouse for any items that may have been damaged by water and our crew is extremely knowledgeable and skilled when it comes to water damage restoration. We’ll be able to answer any questions you have – just give us a call as soon as you notice signs of water leaking or damaged surroundings!