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Sneaky Signs of Water Damage

Sometimes the signs of water damage don’t make themselves entirely visible until it’s too late. If you’re moving to a new property, residential or commercial, be sure to have a water and fire damage expert take a look over the property to ensure there are no hidden damages. Here’s what you can look for at first glance:

  • Leaks under the sink – are there signs of water leaking, drip spots, or smells that indicate moisture?
  • In the walls – check for soft spots or staining. These could be signs of a small water leak, but they can lead to much larger problems.
  • Mold & mildew – strong odors of must and visible mold growth in damp areas – there is most likely mold that is growing.

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Winter Fire Prevention

This infographic from the National Fire Protection Association is a great way to keep the facts up front about fire damage in the winter. It’s easy to forget to take small steps in the course of preventing fires during the cold months of the year, but candles, décor, heating elements, and storms are all major causes of damage in our homes.

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Preparing for the Thaw

It seems like sometimes the weather is playing tricks on us – thawing out in the middle of winter is a strange feeling, but can cause harmful side effects when it comes to ice melting and leaving water damage behind. To help avoid the harshness of these effects, here are some tips –

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Space Heater Safety

Typically, we think of space heaters as small, simple solutions for a warmer home. But have you given any thought to how dangerous they can be? Normally, if a fire is started by a space heater, it’s because the unit is too close to something that’s flammable like a mattress or bedding or even toys on the floor. Here are some ideas on preventing a fire when using a space heater:

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