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Rising Temperatures – Climate Controlled Storage

Do you ever wonder what happens to the rest of your belongings when your home is damaged by water or fire?

You should! If you ever happen to find yourself stuck in this unfortunate situation, water damage or fire damage in your home, you should know about your options ahead of time. Is the company you’re working with offering storage options for your valuable and often irreplaceable items?

At AAA Service Company, we pride ourselves on giving the local Memphis area a place to stay a while, if you will. Our  65,000 sq. ft of storage for your furniture and possessions – and  15,000 sq. ft. is climate controlled. That means, in Memphis’ scorching heat you won’t have to worry about your valuables being destroyed or warped. Our city just happens to have very high humidity levels, which is another factor that homeowners should take into consideration. You may also be interested in climate controlled storage options if your possessions have sentimental value. Depending on how long you’re looking for storage, this could be the best option for you.