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Holiday Decorating Safety


Holiday lights are beautiful and incredible ways to show your enthusiasm for the holiday season approaching! However, so many homeowners do not understand the damaging effects of improperly placed or plugged in lights and other displays.

Not only can these lights and electrical mix ups damage your home, but they can severely hurt YOU! According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, around 12,500 people go to the emergency rooms for shocks, burns, falls, and cuts related to holiday decorating.

While most of these things are accidental, we want homeowners to be informed of tips to keep you and your family safe this holiday decorating season.

  • Always turn off electrical decorations. Always to remember to fully disconnect any electrical decorations any time you plan to leave the house unattended or when you go to sleep.
  • Inspect the lights. Not just to see if they’re working, but to find any frayed, bare wires, or cracked sockets. Always unplug light strings before repairing/replacing bulbs.
  • Never run extension cords through water. This is a major potential fire hazard and even cords labeled for outdoor use cannot be used under water.
  • Don’t get too crowded! Rule of thumb, never connect more than 3 small-bulb light strings, and when you’re using the (C7 and C9) sizes, don’t go over 50 on the same strand.
  • Check the wattage. When replacing bulbs, be sure to go with the manufacturer’s suggested bulb wattage. Anything higher than suggested is a big fire hazard.
  • Keep your real tree hydrated. Dehydrated wreathes and trees are prone to easily catch fire, so be sure to water it consistently and when the time comes, dispose of it quickly and properly. (If you have an artificial tree, be sure to purchase a flame-retardant coated one.)

AAA Service Company is here for you, 24/7. If you’ve experienced fire damage, call us any time at 901.753.4432. We offer these suggestions as a way to keep our community safe. Knowledge is key when it comes to protecting your home and family.