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Prevent Frozen Pipes

It’s not often that Memphis reaches freezing temperatures, but when it does, severe water damage can occur, creating very costly repairs if pipes burst. To prevent frozen and burst pipes, follow these tips!

  • Inspect pipes in unheated areas. Make sure to insulate pipes in these areas to maintain proper temperatures.
  • Close off outside access valves. Keep the external hose bib open to let water drain and allow for expansion should any water become trapped inside.
  • Open cabinets. Allow the heat from your home to reach the pipes faster with open cabinets.
  • Keep the faucet on. Keeping water trickling through your faucet will relieve pressure inside of the pipe and could prevent bursting if an ice blockage were to occur.

If you suspect a pipe has frozen, warm air from a hair dryer or heat gun can help thaw it out. Never thaw pipes with an open flame. Call a professional plumber if you have any uncertainties.

Call AAA Service Company today if your home has been affected by water damage caused by burst frozen pipes. We’re here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 901.492.1193!