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Preventing Water Damage While You’re On Vacation

It’s April and we’re all dreaming about being at the beach on these sunny, beautiful days. However, if you’re actually going on vacation, here are some great tips on keeping your house dry and free of any unnecessary water damages.

Check your home before you leave! Pipes, hoses, faucets, water heater, bathrooms – check anywhere that water flows for leaks/cracks/damaged spots that could be a potential cause and fix them (the right way!)!

Insulate any exposed pipes to prevent freezing, as well as leaving your heat on low while you’re away.

Invest in a sump pump (and a backup if you’re in a flood zone) to help with any potential basement/area flooding that could occur. Examine it annually at least and try to listen to the motor for sounds/water expulsions that aren’t along manufacturer guidelines.

Clear excess debris from gutters and downspouts to prevent water buildup or collapses. This can also cause water damage to your roof, potentially bringing leaks and mold.

Lastly, ask someone to check your house daily! A simple check per day (use mail as an excuse!) can severely increase your chances of finding a problem before it becomes major and damages your home’s integrity. If you can’t get anyone to check your house, turn off the water main and drain the pipes if necessary. If it’s cold while you’re gone, leave cabinets and closes open to promote warm air flow to your pipes to help prevent freezing.

As always, if your home has been damaged by water in any way, call AAA Service Company. Our certified, trained professionals will properly eliminate water, mold, and other hidden hazards throughout your home and restore it back to pre-damage condition. We know you just want things to get back to normal as quickly as possible – call 901.492.1193 anytime, 24/7.