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Alright, enough with the puns.. 🙂

In all seriousness, May is a great month to take advantage of minor home repairs that could save you tons of time and money down the road. Keeping your home in prime conditions can help you avoid major water damage, fire damage, and other serious side effects from nature. I know we seem to push this subject a lot, but prevention steps are truly the only way to avoid excess damages when it comes to an unpredictable force.

Doing things like taking a good look at your roof, trim areas along the house, gutters, chimneys, and more – especially at this time of year – could help you avoid leaks or further damaging on whatever surface has been affected.  Rain is a harsh part of nature, and it tends to help you notice the problem areas in your home rather quickly!

Low spots in the lawn should be filled in to prevent foundation damage and bug breeding grounds. Inspect the concrete cracks, outside faucets…

HGTV has gathered up a great list of things you can do to keep your home in great shape this spring and summer  – check it out here. If you have any suggestions that we may have missed, feel free to put them in the comments!

memphis flooding
memphis flooding