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Memphis Cold Weather Preparedness

Happy October, Memphis!

We’re so excited for this change of seasons, and we’re hoping you are too. As we mentioned a couple of posts back, cold weather means it’s time for bonfires, camping, and everything outside! In the MidSouth, the mosquitos are *mostly* gone. And while we’re typically trying to give you tips on how to prevent fires or water from damaging your homes, this time, we want to remind you that it’s a smart idea to be prepared if something were to happen. Most folks never imagine something so destructive could happen to them, but it does. Here are a few simple ways to help yourself and your family to be prepared in case of emergency in cold weather.

  • Try to keep your car maintenance a priority. This can really help you in a quick fix. Having a full tank of gas, a regularly serviced vehicle, and a supply kit could keep you comfortable or save your life in the midst of an emergency.

  • Keep your house warm. Like wrapping it in a big sweater, add insulation to your windows by covering them with industrial plastic (you can buy this at your local hardware store) from the inside. You’ll still get the light, but the air will have less of a chance to get in.

  • If you’re leaving, keep the heat on. Preventing frozen pipes is what you’re looking to do here – when appliances that store any kind of water get too cold, the chances of bursting pipes increases. This is a tough situation to get stuck with, leaving homeowners inconveniently without hot water for an extended period of time.

  • Keep the garage door closed. Especially if water lines are out there, but in general this adds a major seal to the insulation of your home.

  • About that supply kit…stock it and stock it well. Keep things like batteries, flashlights, multipurpose tools, a first aid kit, and sanitation/personal hygiene items. If you’re making a large supply kit for cold weather preparedness, add at least a 3 day supply of food and water (at least 1 gallon per person per day). A cell phone with a charger can come in handy if you need to call 911 but can’t get to your house.

There are many options for staying prepared when the cold weather front continues to move in slowly. It’s easier to prepare while the weather is still enjoyable rather than having to search and dig for last minute supplies in the middle of a crisis. Having everything together in a designated spot could really benefit you in the long run!