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Summer Fire Hazards

The garage is the go-to place for so many different things. Storage, easy working space, tools and materials all in one place. However, many folks don’t realize the hazards of improperly storing flammable material in hot areas. Most garages don’t have air conditioning and that means in places like Memphis, temperatures can soar inside buildings like garages – they’re not built with the ventilation systems that regular homes are. Unfortunately, this can cause pressurized cans to burst or even flammable materials to catch on fire instantly – storage safety precautions could change the outcome of the fire. Here are a couple of tips:

  • If you have an excess amount of flammable chemicals, consider a flammable storage cabinet, specifically designed to contain any fire that may occur.
  • Store chemicals away from other flammable items. The heat causes these chemicals to burst into flames – it’s better to have the flames away from a pile of sod awaiting installation or your moms collection of vintage wrapping paper.
  • Even though gasoline is most common in garages, keep an eye out for these chemicals as well – paint solvents, lighter fluid, dry cleaning agents, butane, pesticides, oil, spray paint, kerosene, propane, diesel fuel, turpentine
  • Never smoke near flammable liquids.
  • Do not use gasoline as a cleaning solvent to remove grease or oil from anything – this can cause serious burns.
  • Never pour flammable materials down the drain – this creates an explosion potential.

Knowledge is power when it comes to safety, and all we can do is inform you to help keep your household free of any fire damage!

Garage Engulfed in flames