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Wood Burning Fireplace – Spring Cleaning for Safety

Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning!

Warm temperatures somehow give us a little bit more motivation to take care of the things we’ve been letting pile up all winter, aka, spring cleaning! It’s when you’ve finally passed that fireplace full of dust for the last time! While professionals recommend that you have a chimney sweep inspect your chimney, you can give it a good cleaning in between.

Fire place mantle with ornate pottery on top of itUse tools like a stiff-bristled brush, a shop vac, warm water and cleaning supplies to get yourself started.  Making sure to cover the floor around the area, remove the log holder and any other accessories you have inside your fire place. Cleaning those outside with a hose is typically easier, considering the mess. A gentle scrub with basic cleaning supplies will help remove the worst of the debris, but there are plenty of stronger chemicals available too.

After the other items are removed, just start scooping out the ash and vacuuming! If you’ve got a second helper, have them run the shop vac while you scoop out the ash and debris helping to minimize the spread of dust. After the solids are brushed away, take your warm water and cleaning supplies and get to it. Let the cleaners sit a while to break down the old ash, then scrub it away with the stiff-bristled brush and wipe it down with some warm water.

Taking an hour at most out of your day could make a big difference in not only your air quality but your home safety, as dirty fireplaces can be serious fire hazards.

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