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Water Damage – Every Day Life

Even though we typically think of water damage as a huge project after a flood, or someones water heater bursting and destroying everything, that’s not always the case!

Take for example, our sweet employee who left on vacation for Florida just last week! As our coworkers were griping on about how they would leave their phones in the hotel while they were on their hypothetical beaches, she pulled out a ziplock bag and put her phone in it! WHAT?! No $69.99 waterproof case? You can STILL USE IT?! Talk about a life hack. Now, I don’t particularly suggest leaving the livelyhood of your probably-incredibly-expensive phone to a measly ziplock baggie, however, it did make me realize what a downer it would be to get water in my phone on vacation.

Water is a harsh element. Wiping years of photos, texts, videos, other random data from my phone with just a single drop is all too real and that made me want to find (and share!) ways to prevent even the most minor aspects of water damage!

I found this great article that has a ton of tips on how to keep yourself dry (or dry off the water) – check it out!

And as always, you can call AAA any time, 24/7 regarding any emergency water damage issues you might be experiencing. A representative will be available to take your call!