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Talk Shoppe Videos

As promised, here are a couple short videos discussing what types of water damage claims are typically accepted by the insurance companies across the board.

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Talk Shoppe

We have some exciting news! A couple of our employees were asked to be on a panel with Johnny Norris, (All Clear Plumbing) , and Allstate agent Lynn McDonald, discussing “How to Navigate Water Damage Emergencies in Your Home”, and these guys nailed it.

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Prevent Frozen Pipes

It’s not often that Memphis reaches freezing temperatures, but when it does, severe water damage can occur, creating very costly repairs if pipes burst. To prevent frozen and burst pipes, follow these tips!

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Holiday Decorating Safety


Holiday lights are beautiful and incredible ways to show your enthusiasm for the holiday season approaching! However, so many homeowners do not understand the damaging effects of improperly placed or plugged in lights and other displays.

Not only can these lights and electrical mix ups damage your home, but they can severely hurt YOU! According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, around 12,500 people go to the emergency rooms for shocks, burns, falls, and cuts related to holiday decorating.

While most of these things are accidental, we want homeowners to be informed of tips to keep you and your family safe this holiday decorating season.

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Water Damage and Fire Damage Restoration Experts

Hello, world! We’re AAA Service Company, a professional water damage and fire damage restoration team located in Memphis, Tennessee. We specialize in both residential and commercial restoration processes and cleanup. We offer services like water damage restoration, fire damage cleanup, air duct cleaning, janitorial services, and carpet/upholstery cleaning! Contact us today at 901-753-4432. We have a 24/7 emergency hotline for you to call any time, day or night, and we’ll have a representative available to speak with you. We’ll send a crew out to begin the process as soon as possible to potentially avoid any excess damages.

Flood Safety and Tips

What To Do After Home Flooding

After a flood has occurred in your home, water damage happens FAST. Here are a few steps you can take after you’ve determined the safety of your home:

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Trusted and True Water Damage Restoration Company

We have excellent reviews because we truly believe that customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Click here to see what people have to say about us, or call us today if your home has been a victim to fire damage, water damage, or storm damage. We will take care of you, your family, and your home the way you deserve. We’re a trusted and professional, established team of restoration experts aiming to restore your home back to pre-damage condition

Fire Damage Restoration

Fires are an unfortunate event, but they happen often unexpectedly. AAA Service Company has a 24/7 emergency service for fire damage restoration. We truly value our customers and understand the fear and frustration they experience during this kind of event. For quick service in the Memphis area, contact AAA Service Company immediately and our crews will be sent to the scene as soon as possible. We also offer Ultrasonic Cleaning services, which is a state of the art cleaning system for cleaning electronics, ceramics, lighting fixtures and other household items damaged with smoke.

Memphis Restoration Services

Are you in the market for a contractor to help restore your home after damaging effects of fire, weather, or wind? Our experienced and reliable contractors at AAA Service Company, of Memphis, have great references for even the most dedicated jobs. We genuinely care about our customers and their well-being. We get the job done quickly and professionally, the first time. 

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